4 Responses to Calendar

  1. Phil Bright says:

    I was raised at HCLC, someone said that the church was closed. IS that true ?

    • Dennis says:

      No, Phil.

      The membership has dwindled significantly, but Holy Cross is still active. In fact many of us talk about your parents from time to time.

  2. Phillip Bright says:

    Thank you for the reply.
    BTW, I am attending Holy Cross Lutheran in Cypress, CA (90630).
    I am an Elder, Usher, Charter rep for the Boy Scout troops.
    So I think that HCLC Atwater, and my Parents and the Holy Spirit, have moved me.
    God bless.

  3. David Noe says:

    Good evening, I am David Noe. My wife, Linda, and I were married at Holy Cross in April 1979. I hope and pray that things are going good for Holy Cross. David

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